Kitesurf Varberg Reports:Naish Beach Texas Tour

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It is time for the greatest tour in kitesurfing culture. We went to Texas with Naish. As the snow began to fall in The Gorge, Wyatt Cohen (New owner of South Padre Island Kiteboarding) and I (Nick Stuart the North American Naish Rep) hopped on a plane to Texas hoping to catch the beginning of the season in South Padre Island. South Padre has huge flats that are waist deep for as far as you can see, and on the other side of this narrow island is the Gulf of Mexico that provides you with small to medium size surf. During their windy season that runs from November through April they get pretty consistent 18 to 25 mph winds.

Upon arrival to this island that is located on the boarder of the US and Mexico, we were immediately welcomed by 75 degrees and blue skies. Not bad since we just left in a snow storm. We headed straight for the South Padre Island Kiteboarding Shop on the north side of the island to meet up with the rest of the crew. After packing up the trailer we immediately bee-lined it to the North Flats for 3 days of demos. The wind was light and came in waves. Despite the conditions there was a great crowd of people that were stoked to see the new line up. During the lulls in wind, riders that had traveled to South Padre from all over the US gave great feedback on the kites and what characteristics are most important for their local beach. At the end of the third day the wind still had never fully kicked in, but the trip was still a success due to the great company on the North Flats. A big thank you goes out to the Crew at SPIK and all of the riders that hung out at the North Flats for 3 days.

As Wyatt Cohen headed back to The Gorge, I traveled north to Corpus Christi to drop in on Jeff Howard at the Shop. This shop truly deserves the name “shop” with bladders being repaired in the front, and Jeff Howard sewing some sort of prototype in the back. Jeff and crew had great insight as to everything kite related, from the local scene to kite construction. I found out among many things that Corpus has great year round winds, tons of spots and very diverse riding conditions. I look forward to returning to ride with the Corpus Crew soon. Thanks for lunch Jeff!

Keep checking our Kites Surfing site and more power to the students of Kitesurf Varberg of Sweden.

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